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We are a Digital Creative Studio

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From Concept to Final Product

We bring ideas to life with a fresh blow of creativity. Then, through deep research of each case, we develop the strategy for a more precise definition of your needs.

Creating or improving your business visuals is a multilevel process. First, we will start auditing your visual image and identity signs. And we will find the best way to present your business to your users. You are going to be the best choice for your potential clients.

Our Work

Our methodology


Concept development

We review your project based on your needs. And build a solid base from a deep research.


Two-way collaboration

Since user feedback is the most important part. We will then share and improved base on insights.


Long-lasting relation

We deliver awesomeness. Our motto is to provide from pure expertise of your business. A relation for growing.

Customer Stories

We validate our work through positive feedback

Dasha Frías Landa

It has been a pleasure working with Adrian Fernandez. He is very creative, professional and serious about his work. ...

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Jennifer Hernández

Adrian did a great work with my business design and website! Design and execution was flawless...

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Carolina Asfour

excellent and professional graphic design! thanks for making my logo, and my labels for the food packaging.

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We are determined to help you growth

Graphicafer is:
- Multicultural.
- A great source of ideas.
- Hard-working and dedicated.
- Good listeners.

Adrian Fernandez started this company to create a powerhouse for visual communications. His more than 18 years of experience as a Digital Designer make him an ideal partner. With Graphicafer, you will understand your client’s needs and engage them through better communications.

So let’s do it together! We are in Miami. The warmest city!
So we speak Spanish :)

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